10 Team Building Case Studies & Training Case Studies

The key to a strong business is creating a close-knit team. Here's how 15 corporate teams did so using team building, training, and coaching solutions.


From corporate groups to remote employees and everything in between, the key to a strong business is creating a close-knit team. In this comprehensive case study, we look at how real-world organizations benefited from team building, training, and coaching programs tailored to their exact needs. 

We’re big believers in the benefits of team building, training and development, and coaching and consulting programs. That’s why our passion for helping teams achieve their goals is at the core of everything we do. At Outback Team Building and Training, our brand promise is to be recommended, flexible, and fast. Because we understand that when it comes to building a stronger and more close-knit team, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Each of our customers have a unique set of challenges, goals, and definitions of success. And they look to us to support them in three key ways: making their lives easy by taking on the complexities of organizing a team building or training event; acting fast so that they can get their event planned and refocus on all the other tasks they have on their plates; and giving them the confidence that they’ll get an event their team will benefit from – and enjoy. In this definitive case study, we’ll do a deep dive into: 


Unique Events Custom-Tailored for Customer Needs 
We know that every team has different needs and goals which is why we are adept at being flexible and have mastered the craft of creating custom events for any specifications  


1. A Custom Charity Event for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  

When the Seattle, Washington-based head office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – a world-renowned philanthropic organization – approached us in search of a unique charity event, we knew we needed to deliver something epic. Understanding that their team had effectively done it all when it comes to charity events, it was important for them to be able to get together as a team and give back in new ways. 

Our team decided the best way to do this was to create a brand-new event for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which had never been executed before. We created an entirely new charitable event – Bookworm Builders – for them and their team loved it! It allowed them to give back to their community, collaborate, get creative, and work together for a common goal. Bookworm Builders has since gone on to become a staple activity for tons of other Outback Team Building and Training customers!  

To learn more about how it all came together, read the case study: A Custom Charity Event for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 


2. How Principia Built a Stronger Company Culture Even with its Remote Employees Working Hundreds of Miles Apart  

Who said hosting an impactful training program means having your full team in the same place at the same time? Principia refused to let distance prevent them from having a great team, so they contacted us to help them find a solution. Their goals were to find better ways of working together and to create a closer-knit company culture among their 20 employees and contractors living in various parts of the country.  

We worked with Principia to host an Emotional Intelligence skill development training event customized to work perfectly for their remote team. The result was a massive positive impact for the company. They found they experienced improved employee alignment with a focus on company culture, as well as more emotionally aware and positive day-to-day interactions. In fact, the team made a 100% unanimous decision to bring back Outback for additional training sessions. 

To learn more about this unique situation, read the full case study: How Principia Built a Stronger Company Culture Even with its Remote Employees Working Hundreds of Miles Apart. 


3. Custom Change Management Program for the Royal Canadian Mint 

We know that employee training which is tailored to your organization can make the difference between an effective program and a waste of company time. That’s why our team jumped at the opportunity to facilitate a series of custom development sessions to help the Royal Canadian Mint discover the tools they needed to manage a large change within their organization.  

We hosted three custom sessions to help the organization recognize the changes that needed to be made, gain the necessary skills to effectively manage the change, and define a strategy to implement the change:  

  • Session One: The first session was held in November and focused on preparing over 65 employees for change within the company. 
  • Session Two: In December, the Mint’s leadership team participated in a program that provided the skills and mindset required to lead employees through change. 
  • Session Three: The final session in February provided another group of 65 employees with guidance on how to implement the change. 

To learn more, read the full case study: Custom Change Management Program for the Royal Canadian Mint. 

3 Momentum-Driving Events for Legacy Customers
We take pride in being recommended by more than 14,000 corporate groups because it means that we’ve earned their trust through delivering impactful results 


1. How a Satellite Employee “Garnered the Reputation” as Her Team’s Pro Event Planner 

We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we know that not everybody who’s planning a corporate event is a professional event planner. But no matter if it’s their first time planning an event or their tenth, we love to help make our customers look good in front of their team. And when an employee at Satellite Healthcare was tasked with planning a team building event for 15 of her colleagues, she reached out to us – and we set out to do just that! 

Our customer needed a collaborative activity that would help a diverse group of participants get to know each other, take her little to no time to plan, and would resonate with the entire group. 

With that in mind, we helped her facilitate a Military Support Mission. The event was a huge success and her colleagues loved it. In fact, she has now garnered the reputation as the team member who knows how to put together an awesome team building event. 

To learn more, read the case study here: How a Satellite Employee “Garnered the Reputation” as Her Team’s Pro Event Planner. 


2. Why PlentyOfFish Continues to Choose ‘The Amazing Race’ for Their Company Retreat 

In 2013, international dating service POF (formerly known as PlentyOfFish) reached out to us in search of an exciting outdoor team building activity that they could easily put to work at their annual retreat in Whistler, B.C. An innovative and creative company, they were in search of an activity that could help their 60 staff get to know each other better. They also wanted the event to be hosted so that they could sit back and enjoy the fun. 

The solution? We helped them host their first-ever Amazing Race team building event. 

Our event was so successful that POF has now hosted The Amazing Race at their annual retreat for five consecutive years. 

To learn more, check out our full case study: Why PlentyOfFish Continues to Choose ‘The Amazing Race’ for Their Company Retreat. 


3. How Team Building Helped Microsoft Employees Donate a Truckload of Food 

As one of our longest-standing and most frequent collaborators, we know that Microsoft is always in search of new and innovative ways to bring their teams closer together. With a well-known reputation for being avid advocates of corporate social responsibility, Microsoft challenged us with putting together a charitable team building activity that would help their team bond outside the office and would be equal parts fun, interactive, and philanthropic.  

We analyzed which of our six charitable team building activities would be the best fit for their needs, and we landed on the perfect one: End-Hunger Games. In this event, the Microsoft team broke out into small groups, tackled challenges like relay races and target practice, and earned points in the form of non-perishable food items. Then, they used their cans and boxes of food to try and build the most impressive structure possible in a final, collaborative contest. As a result, they were able to donate a truckload of goods to the local food bank. 

For more details, check out the comprehensive case study: How Team Building Helped Microsoft Employees Donate a Truckload of Food. 

4 Successful Activities Executed on Extremely Tight Timelines
Time isn’t always a luxury that’s available to our customers when it comes to planning a great team activity which is why we make sure we are fast, agile, and can accommodate any timeline 


1. Finding a Last-Minute Activity Over a Holiday 

Nothing dampens your enjoyment of a holiday more than having to worry about work – even if it’s something fun like a team building event. But for one T-Mobile employee, this was shaping up to be the case. That’s because, on the day before the holiday weekend, she found out that she needed to organize a last-minute activity for the day after July Fourth.  

So, she reached out to Outback Team Building and Training to see if there was anything we could do to help - in less than three business days. We were happy to be able to help offer her some peace of mind over her holiday weekend by recommending a quick and easy solution: a Code Break team building activity. It was ready to go in less than three days, the activity organized was stress-free during her Fourth of July weekend, and, most importantly, all employees had a great experience.  

For more details, check out the full story here: Finding a Last-Minute Activity Over a Holiday. 



2. From Inquiry to Custom Call in Under 30 Minutes 

At Outback Team Building and Training, we know our customers don’t always have time on their side when it comes to planning and executing an event. Sometimes, they need answers right away so they can get to work on creating an unforgettable experience for their colleagues. 

This was exactly the case when Black & McDonald approached us about a learning and development session that would meet the needs of their unique group, and not take too much time to plan. At 10:20 a.m., the organization reached out with an online inquiry. By 10:50 a.m., they had been connected with one of our training facilitators for a more in-depth conversation regarding their objectives. 

Three weeks later, a group of 14 Toronto, Ontario-based Black & McDonald employees took part in a half-day tailor-made training program that was built around the objectives of the group, including topics such as emotional intelligence and influence, communication styles, and the value of vulnerability in a leader. 

To learn more about how this event was able to come together so quickly, check out the full story: From Inquiry to Custom Call in Under 30 Minutes. 



3. A Perfect Group Activity Organized in One Business Day 

When Conexus Credit Union contacted us on a Friday afternoon asking if we could facilitate a team building event for six employees the following Monday morning, we said, “Absolutely!”  

The team at Conexus Credit Union were looking for an activity that would get the group’s mind going and promote collaboration between colleagues. And we knew just what to recommend: Code Break Express – an activity filled with brainteasers, puzzles, and riddles designed to test the group’s mental strength.  

The Express version of Code Break was ideal for Conexus Credit Union’s shorter time frame because our Express activities have fewer challenges and can be completed in an hour or less. They’re self-hosted, so the company’s group organizer was able to easily and efficiently run the activity on their own. 

To learn more about how we were able to come together and make this awesome event happen, take a look at our case study: A Perfect Group Activity Organized in One Business Day. 



4. Delivering Team Building for Charity in Under One Week 

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Accenture – a company which has appeared on FORTUNE’s list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” for 14 years in a row – on a number of team building activities in the past.  

The organization approached us with a request to facilitate a philanthropic team building activity for 15 employees. The hitch? They needed the event to be planned, organized, and executed within one week.  

Staying true to our brand promise of being fast to act on behalf of our customers, our team got to work planning Accenture’s event. We immediately put to work the experience of our Employee Engagement Consultants, the flexibility of our solutions, and the organization of our event coordinators. And six days later, Accenture’s group was hard at work on a Charity Bike Buildathon, building bikes for kids in need. 

To learn more about how we helped Accenture do some good in a short amount of time, read the full case study: Delivering Team Building for Charity in Under One Week. 

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