10 Best Reads on Leadership from Outback’s Leaders

Looking for resources to help your managers and executives become better at what they do? Check out the top 10 books that Outback Team Building & Training’s leadership team recommends.

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A Shockingly Simple Perspective on Great Leadership

How can you become more than just a manager? Team coach and management consultant Joe Britto shares his shockingly simple view on what it takes to evolve into an effective leader.

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How Vision Credit Union Successfully Merged Two Different Leadership Teams and Workplace Cultures

“I think now, the managers are trying to communicate better with their branch staff. They’re recognizing that they weren’t the only ones affected by the merger.” – Carolin Robinson, Manager of...

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Five Things Team Building Can’t Fix

Team building alone can’t fix the issues your organization is facing – but find out how a combination of team building, training, and consulting can be the answer.

Conflict. Poor communication....

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Meet Your Team Coach and Management Consultant: Joe Britto

Want to partner with a professional coach and consultant who can help your group make real and sustainable changes to your business? Get to know Joe Britto, the lead coach and consultant for...

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Meet Your Skill Development Facilitator: Lyndon Friesen

Interested in partnering with a facilitator who can help your group develop key skills or abilities? Get to know Lyndon Friesen, the lead facilitator of our skill development programs.


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CASE STUDY: Custom Change Management Program for the Royal Canadian Mint

Employee training that is custom-made for your organization can make the difference between an effective program and a waste of company time. Find out how a series of custom development sessions...

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Leadership as a Mindset Podcast – Innate Leaders on The HR Gazette

The HR Gazette features Joe Britto, founder of our Innate Leaders team, in one of their latest HRchat podcasts, discussing leadership as a mindset. Listen to the podcast for tips and advice from...

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What’s the Difference Between a Manager and a Leader?

Developing leadership, regardless of job title

For one global technology company, their executive retreat was the perfect opportunity to transform their front-line managers into effective...

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