How to Add Sizzle to Your Summer Team Building

Give your group a break from the boardroom and get some fresh air as a team with these top four outdoor activities that are perfect for summertime.


Give your group a break from the boardroom and get some fresh air as a team with these top four outdoor activities that are perfect for summertime.

Being stuck indoors during the summer can be tough, even if you are taking part in a fun and exciting team building activity. But, with one of our top four outdoor events, you can get your group out of the office, hotel, or conference room and provide an unforgettable team building experience.

Each of these top activities can help your team:

  • Take a break and have some fun
  • Get some well-deserved fresh air
  • Re-energize with some moderate physical activity
  • Experience the city or surrounding area
  • Collaborate with each other in a whole new way

Top Four Summertime Team Building Activities

1. Wild Goose Chase

Explore the city with this smartphone scavenger hunt where teams must complete outside-of-the-box challenges by taking photos and videos around the community.

Why is Wild Goose Chase a great summer event? It’s an easy way for teams to get outside and experience the city at their own pace as a team.

We had an outstanding time!!! The app was easy to use, and we enjoyed the challenges, especially the ones that were city-specific. The event was a huge success and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that asks.— PepsiCo


2. Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Your next team building event can make waves when your group works together to build boats out of nothing but cardboard. You’ll even get a chance to test your vessels in the water to see if they can stay afloat!

Why is Cardboard Boat Building Challenge a great summer event? Colleagues have a chance to cool off in the water, and be hands-on with tangible materials and results in an open, outdoor space.

Our team will remember this event forever. We had so much fun and it gave us an opportunity to not only learn more about leadership, team, strategy, and risk, but we had an opportunity to laugh at ourselves!!!!! Thank you for all you did…you will hear from Jackmont again for our next event.— Jackmont Hospitality, Inc.


3. The Amazing Chase

Feel the rush of this exciting race-style event, based on the popular TV show, The Amazing Race. Teams need to find city landmarks and overcome challenges if they want to make it to the finish line.

Why is The Amazing Chase a great summer event? Detours, roadblocks, and other challenges get your group outside and touring around the city as they enjoy the summer sun.

Our event went GREAT! It was creative and fun and the team members were super to work with! Thank you!— Deloitte


4. Play It Forward

With this philanthropic activity, your team can do more than get out into the community – you can give back to it! Teams earn points by completing challenges that have them “paying it forward” to strangers.

Why is Play It Forward a great summer event? Teams can experience that feel-good factor of giving back while bonding as a team. Summertime weather usually means there are more people outdoors for your group to “pay it forward” to.

This was a great, no-hassle, pre-planned mobile team building event that helped us do something great for the community while having fun!— Aspire Health


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