5 Awesome Rope Courses for Team Building Around Vancouver, BC

Rope Courses -- An Exciting Team Building Activity for Your Work Group!


Rope Courses -- An Exciting Team Building Activity for Your Work Group!

So, you’ve been put in charge of organizing a social activity for your colleagues. Sure, you could revert to the typical outings; bond over a couple of beers, go to an awkward karaoke bar, or knock some pins down at your local bowling alley.

Alternatively, you could get out of the office and do something that is fun, active, inclusive, and will take your organization to new heights: Rope Courses! Rope courses are great for team-building as it creates trust, encourages communication, problem-solving, and pushes your co-workers out of their comfort zone (in a monitored and safe way).

Here’s our top picks for rope and aerial courses around Vancouver and Whistler, BC:

Mountain Ropes Adventure, Grouse Mountain

Mountain Ropes Adventure is a series of 4 high rope courses, all with various degrees of difficulty. Situated on Grouse Mountain, one of the best vantage points in the lower mainland, this ropes course obviously has some serious views. The course is designed for ages 8+ and therefore is a great option for all fitness and ability levels. Mountain Ropes Adventure is open from May to October (weather dependent).


 Photo courtesy of @grousemountain

PAL Ropes Course, UBC

Operated by Pacific Adventure Learning, this ropes course is geared towards building great teams through hands-on learning. Using “adventure-based experiential” programs, PAL aims to help you and your team bond, grow and build trust with each other. Located on the University of British Columbia’s campus, this course consists of 20 “high” and “low” elements with cables, ropes, and wood attached to trees. They can book large groups up to 75 people and operate from May to the end of November.


Photo courtesy of @pals_rope_course

Rope Runner, Squamish

New to the scene, Rope Runner is an aerial adventure course where participants can choose from over 50 elements ranging in difficulty and create their own adventure. Set 60 ft in the air, this course has it all: cargo nets, slacklines, suspended bridges, a free-fall jump and event a suspended snowmobile! It’s safe to say this course is geared towards teams that are a little more active, however, participants are encouraged to go at their own pace. Located in Squamish, Rope Runner is open from May to October.


Photo courtesy of @roperunnerparks

The Adventure Group, Whistler

The Treetop Adventure in Whistler is a unique aerial course and natural team-building activity. This course boasts 70 elements raging from “mild to wild” which includes balance beams, rope swings and everything in between. The Adventure Group will work with you to build custom adventure tours and team-building itineraries. With over 20 years of experience, they have the ability to host and handle any size of group.


Photo courtesy of @tagwhistler

Wildplay Aerial Adventure Courses, Maple Ridge

Wildplay’s aerial adventure courses gradually take you up higher and higher, letting your confidence build as you make your ascent towards the treetops. Feel like you and your co-workers are ready to push the limits? Their extreme courses consist of the highest obstacles and ziplines (up to 60 ft). Wildplay is happy to help you book an inclusive day that has something for everyone -- from the curious to the courageous. Wildplay is open year-round, weather permitting.


Photo courtesy of @wildplayelementparks

While ropes courses are a great way to build trust and create stronger connections with your team, there are plenty of other unique team building activities that you can consider instead (or in addition to!)

Need help choosing what team building exercise is right for you? Let us take the guesswork out of it and help you create a memorable itinerary that your manager and co-workers will love. 

Some of our most popular activities include:

  • Bridge Builders - Collaborate with your colleagues to design and build a sturdy, fully-functional, free-standing bridge.
  • Wild Goose Chase - Explore your city with a budget-friendly scavenger hunt.
  • Team Pursuit -  Play to your team’s strengths as you take on four types of challenges – mental, physical, skill, and mystery.
  • Domino Effect Challenge - Build a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine and set it in motion with this collaborative team building activity.
  • Corporate Castaways - Transform teammates into tribemates with this activity inspired by the “Survivor” TV show.

Visit our website for over 30+ awesome ideas and events or reach out for a free consultation.

*Note: Outback Team Building does not currently offer Ropes Courses activities.

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