What's New at Outback Team Building & Training?

Check out this hot sheet to learn all about the most recent programs, technology developments, and content at Outback.


Check out this hot sheet to learn all about the most recent programs, technology developments, and content at Outback.

At Outback Team Building & Training, we live by our core values. And one of those values is “Always Improving”! We're constantly looking ahead to see how we can make things even better. Keep reading to learn more about our latest updates for:

Team Building Activities 

Corporate Escape Rooms -  The Mummy’s Curse is the latest addition to our Corporate Escape Rooms. Our Escape Room solutions bring the experience to your office or event space and can accommodate groups as large as 500. In The Mummy’s Curse, your group will need to retrieve the special talisman in order to lift the curse. Using mysterious items provided, your team will be challenged to strategize, problem solve, and communicate as you solve a series of puzzles before time runs out.

Picnic Party Games - The spring season quickly approaching and this app-based outdoor team building activity is a perfect accompaniment to company picnics, BBQs, or to any group just looking to head outside for some friendly competition. In Picnic Party Games, participants see who can complete the wackiest photo and video challenges before time runs out.


Virtually-Hosted Team Building Activities - We always keep our ears wide open to customer feedback and we’ve had requests for a midway step between our Self-Hosted and Hosted formats. All of Outback’s Budget Activities (which include Team Pursuit, Wild Goose Chase, and Random Acts of Kindness) are now available in a Virtually-Hosted format to provide our customers with an alternate hosting option and even more flexibility to run their event. All you'll need for your virtually-hosted activity is appropriate AV equipment including a screen, audio, and internet access.

Smartphone App Improvements - All of our budget team building activities are powered by our easy-to-use smartphone app. Here are some of the latest updates we’ve made to help make the experience of using the app even better:

  • Our team has improved the app’s user experience to make logging in faster and easier.
  • A new feature has been launched that will allow our team to set a timer on select challenges. These new time-limited challenges will require teams to complete them before the clock runs out, which adds an extra element of competition to our smartphone-based activities.

Chat System - You might have noticed this little guy popping up on the right-hand corner of your screen when you go to our website. We’re currently testing out a TeamBot with a limited audience, to make it that much easier for you to get in touch with us and for our team to assist you with whatever you might need.

Helpful Resources 

  • Best Practices for Scouting Out Amazing Candidates, According to LinkedIn -  In the latest episode of Outback Talks: The Employee Engagement Podcast, we sit down with LinkedIn’s Bobby Brenman to discuss best practices for recruiting great candidates. Listen to the interview and read our five key takeaways from the conversation here. Outback Talks is monthly audio resource for HR and business professionals who are interested in building better corporate teams. Each podcast features an interview with an expert about a specific topic. You can listen to all of our episodes here.


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