Plan an Exciting Office Party with Winter Holiday Team Pursuit

With Winter Holiday Team Pursuit, you can add fun, excitement, and festive cheer to any holiday party with little time or effort.


With Winter Holiday Team Pursuit, you can add fun, excitement, and festive cheer to any holiday party with little time or effort.

Planning the office holiday party can seem like an unwelcome or overwhelming task. But with an energizing, holiday-themed entertainment activity, such as Winter Holiday Team Pursuit, you can easily breathe life into any office holiday event or festivity.

Reward your team with a unique team building activity that is:


With tasks that incorporate traditions and celebrations from around the world, Winter Holiday Team Pursuit can be fun for your whole office. Challenges are perfect for a function with only your colleagues, or an event that includes significant others.


Take your time and run Winter Holiday Team Pursuit throughout your entire event, or dedicate a portion of the day or evening to the activity. The challenges can last anywhere between one to three hours, depending on what works best for your schedule. This is one of our indoor team building activities that can take place in any venue or location – your office, a hotel, a dining room, or any other meeting space.

Readily Available

Need a solution on short notice? Winter Holiday Team Pursuit can be ready for your team on a tight turnaround in just a few short days.


With mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges, Winter Holiday Team Pursuit can help add fun, excitement, and festive cheer to any corporate holiday event.

Check out some examples below to get a feel for how the activity can help your coworkers create holiday memories together.

Example Challenges:

  • Becoming Rudolph: Who wants to lead Santa’s sleigh? Find some lipstick (or a red marker) and color a teammate’s nose red like Rudolph’s. Then snap a photo of the teammate posing like a reindeer.
  • Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel: In this challenge a teammate must become a human dreidel and spin around as fast as they can for 10 seconds. They must then try to walk in a straight line while singing “I Have a Little Dreidel.” Capture their walk in a five-second video.
  • Commonalities: Learn about some unique things your team has in common during the holidays. Does everyone give their pets gifts? Do you all hate Christmas carols? Figure out at least six unique holiday-related things your team has in common and write them on a piece of paper. Snap a photo of your list.


I have heard nothing but amazing comments regarding Friday’s party. Thank you for all your efforts and for putting together a fantastic venue. Your staff was great and very professional and really understood our needs and individual personalities. And now, we need to discuss next year’s Christmas party! You guys did such a great job I never want to plan another party without you. Hcareers


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