Featured Event: Microsoft Embarks on a Charitable “Buildathon" in Orlando, Florida

Wanting to give back to their community in Orlando and connect with their colleagues, Microsoft found the perfect way to achieve both at the same time.


Wanting to give back to the community and connect with their colleagues, a team from Microsoft meeting in Orlando, Florida found the perfect way to achieve both at the same time.

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A Charity Bike Buildathon in Orlando, FL 

Microsoft’s Orlando division was looking for a way to strengthen relationships between new and existing employees, while making a real difference in their community. So, the company reached out to Outback Team Building & Training for a free consultation and decided to participate in the Charity Bike Buildathon — a philanthropic team building activity where participants assemble bicycles for children in need.

The group from Microsoft split into teams and worked together to construct customized bicycles. Then, each group presented their own ad campaigns to showcase their creations. With accessories like feathers, colorful boas, and clown-sized sunglasses, the bikes were both fun and functional. The most imaginative one was inspired by the Walt Disney movie, Frozen, and earned the top prize in an awards ceremony. The winning team sang a rendition of “Let Me Ride” — a playful spoof of the film’s theme song, “Let It Go” — before all of the bicycles were donated to the local Boys and Girls Club.

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