Five Things Team Building Can’t Fix

Team building alone can’t fix the issues your organization is facing – but find out how a combination of team building, training, and consulting can be the answer.


Team building alone can’t fix the issues your organization is facing – but find out how a combination of team building, training, and consulting can be the answer.

Conflict. Poor communication. Lack of leadership. Low morale. With problems like these, companies often look for an easy solution. “I know – let’s do a team building exercise!”


But team building alone can’t fix these problems.

Yes, team building is fun, memorable, and a great stress-reliever – but it is only part of the answer.

Solving deep-rooted issues, such as poor communication or low morale, often takes more time and a better understanding of the problem.

By combining your team building efforts with training and consulting, your team can really dig into the issues your company is dealing with, and discover effective and sustainable solutions.


Five Things You Can’t Fix with Just Team Building

1. A Lack of Communication

During a high-energy activity, groups are often quick to communicate with their teammates. But discussing strategies to solve a murder mystery is much easier than offering constructive criticism on a colleague’s piece of work.

While team building can be great for opening up the lines of communication, understanding how your colleagues communicate can help make a lasting impact.


Long-Term Solutions for a Lack of Communication:

  • Cross Boundary Communication– Overcome barriers and discover the importance of clear communication and effective listening skills with this interactive program.
  • Behavior Style 360 – Give your team the tools to better understand the behaviors of their coworkers and interact effectively with the people in your office.


2. Conflict

Team building can help ease conflict. Activities are fun and collaborative, and colleagues can bond over a shared experience outside of the office.

But once employees head back to work, clashing personality types and high-pressure situations won’t have disappeared.


Long-Term Solutions for Conflict:

  • Conflict Resolution – This half-day program can help your group learn how to turn a negative clash with a colleague into an opportunity to strengthen relationships.
  • Crisis Team Coaching – If your team is in crisis, this coaching program can help your group face your problems and get back to being a high-performing group.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Help develop your team’s self-awareness and social skills with this half-day development program.


3. Poor Leadership

During a team building activity, it’s not uncommon to see your leaders emerge. Although this can be a great way for your team to practice leadership responsibilities in a low-pressure scenario, it won’t help fix poor management styles.

Employee development programs and team coaching can help align your leaders with the rest of your company, and improve their leadership skills.


Long-Term Solutions for Poor Leadership:

  • Leadership Team Coaching – Grow your leaders as a cohesive unit and guide the direction of your business forward with support from a professional team coach.
  • Authentic Leadership – As a fully interactive session, your group will have the opportunity to explore leadership stage by stage.


4. Low Engagement & Productivity

Interactive, high-energy team building activities can help employees feel engaged and give them a chance to recharge. But, unless you plan to offer a team building activity every day, the effects of an energizing activity won’t last for the rest of the year.

With training and development programs, your team can learn skills and tools that can help impact their productivity and engagement levels in a sustainable way.


Long-Term Solutions for Low Engagement & Productivity:


5. Weak Company Culture

One team building event isn’t going to change the state of your company’s culture. Instead, team building should be one part of an overall strategy.

Not sure how to improve your culture? Consulting and employee development programs can help you zero in on how to create the culture your organization wants.

Long-Term Solutions for Weak Company Culture:
  • Culture Change Consulting– Equip your leadership team with the tools to manage an effective and positive cultural shift within your organization.
  • Creating Mission, Vision, and Values – Identify, understand, and define the core values that will impact every aspect of your business with this experiential learning program.


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