6 Core Values That Helped Outback Become a Multimillion-Dollar Company

Always put customers first, be self-accountable, take action, pay great attention to detail, be open and honest, and be improving. Find out how these six core values have helped Outback build great relationships, a strong team, and a multimillion-dollar company.


Always put customers first, be self-accountable, take action, pay great attention to detail, be open and honest, and be improving. Find out how these six core values have helped Outback build great relationships, a strong team, and a multimillion-dollar company.

It all started with the realization that the people are ultimately responsible for the success of our company. From there, the Outback leadership team decided the best way to build a thriving workplace would be to define the core values that each employee should embody.

As Murray Seward, CEO of Outback Team Building & Training, explains below, the process of creating our company’s core values was “one of the most important investments we’ve ever made at Outback.”

Continue reading to learn more about Outback’s six core values, how our team developed them, and the ways in which they’ve contributed to our company’s success.

“A major turning point in our company was the realization that it was indeed the quality and fit of the individuals who make up our team that was the most important factor in determining our success. To greatly increase the chances of building a great team, we first had to determine Outback’s core values, then work to bring them to life in all parts of our company. From recruitment, interviewing and onboarding, right through to team meetings, performance agreements and reviews, everything at Outback revolves around core values.

Coming up with our core values wasn’t difficult. First, as a leadership team we brainstormed, ‘What are the attributes of colleagues who are successful in their roles and we enjoy working with?’ Then alternatively, ‘What about those who weren’t successful in their role and we didn’t enjoy working with?’ After some deliberation, our six core values were noted. Then we presented them to the rest of our team and did an interactive session to get everyone’s thoughts on what each core value meant to them. This simple and insightful process was one of the most important investments we’ve ever made at Outback.”

- Murray Seward, CEO of Outback Team Building & Training


Outback’s Core Values & How They’ve Contributed to Our Success

Discover how Outback Team Building & Training’s six core values have helped us establish loyal partnerships with our customers and shaped our thriving workplace culture.

1. We will always put our customers first

Putting our customers first often means being flexible to their needs. Our team works hard to ensure that our customers feel taken care of, and know that we value their time.

This core value influences everything from marketing materials, to how we run events, to customer service. It’s the reason why organizations consistently provide Outback with “10/10” feedback. In fact, over 14,000 corporate groups across North America recommend partnering with Outback Team Building & Training!

We had great customer service from the Outback team throughout the entire process – from looking at what type of event to do, down to planning the final details. 10/10!— Tech Data Corporation

In the below “Outback Team Building & Training Tips” podcast episode, Isla Robertson, Customer Support Manager at Outback, offers insight into how you can provide “10/10” customer service.

2. We will always be self-accountable

To the Outback team, being self-accountable means always taking responsibility for our actions and never placing blame elsewhere.

Of course, this core value positively contributes to our internal relationships with our colleagues. But it’s also very effective in building genuine partnerships with our customers.

Self-accountability encourages our team to be committed to coming up with solutions when things may not go as planned for our customers. For example, being self-accountable has helped Outback turn individuals who may not have had the experience they were looking for into loyal customers.
Your team was very responsive, professional, and helped out with some last-minute changes in a very timely manner. The team had a blast and I am recommending it to my other Division Managers.— Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

3. We will always take action

Taking action is not only about “getting it done,” but also about taking initiative without being asked.

This core value is instrumental to our team’s success, particularly for our sales, events, and support departments. These teams make every effort to get back to individuals as soon as possible, answering questions and providing in-depth proposals.

Throughout the entire company, Outback employees work this core value into their daily responsibilities. If there’s something that needs to be completed or can be done to improve a process, we take action right away.

The Outback team was there for Q&A calls, and the response time was very fast if I needed anything answered. The day of, all questions were answered by the support staff right away. 10/10!— Scotiabank

4. We will always pay great attention to detail

At Outback, paying great attention to detail often means making a big impact by taking care of the little things.

From inputting customer details, to packing supplies for an event, to reviewing marketing materials with an eagle eye, this value is ever-present at Outback. It helps our team set ourselves apart from other organizations, showing professionalism and a high quality of work.

From the very first conversation, each person exhibited professionalism. They provided all information requested, explained the event in detail, arrived on time, and exceeded expectations on event day. Thank you for providing our team with this amazing team building event.— Verizon Telematics

5. We will always be open and honest

Being open and honest doesn’t mean oversharing or being disrespectful. Instead, this core value is all about offering opinions and feedback in a constructive manner, at appropriate times.

This core value has helped our team keep communication lines open, encouraging conversations that lead to improved relationships and processes within our company.

Our facilitator was well organized, kept the day going, was open to suggestions, tapered the discussion to our needs, and was always available to talk. He was a real person with a heart to want to make things better. 10/10!— BC Hydro

Although important within each team and cross-departmentally, openness and honesty are particularly valuable attributes for our remote team members.

Listen in to the below podcast episode of “Outback Team Building & Training Tips” to hear from Outback’s Director of Events, Jules Joyce, on why this core value is crucial for her team of remote employees. Having worked with an out-of-office team for the better part of a decade, Jules attributes much of her employees’ success to having an “open door” policy and being honest with each other.

6. We will always be improving

This core value represents our team’s commitment to continuous improvement, whether it’s through self-reflection or rigorous review of our systems, processes, and products.

Outback’s dedication to always improving has helped our team make continual enhancements to our products and services. We’re proud to be able to take feedback from our customers and turn it into actionable improvements that make our team building, training, and consulting solutions better and better.

The entire team from Outback was great to work with, and the experience was seamless from beginning to end. Our whole team had an amazing time, and many said it was the BEST team building event we have ever done.— Digital Prospectors

Learn more about this core value by listening to the “Outback Team Building & Training Tips” podcast interview with Tiff Daniels, Director of Sales at Outback. Tiff talks about always improving at 16:50 in the episode below.


Find Out More About the Impact of Core Values

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I regard our employees as our most valuable asset. Their energy is infectious. In terms of culture we ‘walk the talk’ and work very hard to provide a stimulating and rewarding environment in which to work, and try to ensure our colleagues understand how much we value them as people and as employees.— Jamie Corbett, Founder of Outback Team Building & Training

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